Things to know about Birla Alokya

Designing a home isn’t an easy task. It’s not just about architecture, but about building a home that is close to the hearts of the people. And we at Ownerstown strive to find the best properties that can give you a lifetime experience. Here our team brought some insights about Birla Alokya.

Birla Group wants to give you a home that will be perfect for you, both now and in the future. The B.K Birla growth story isn’t something that needs a special introduction. From taking over the Century Textiles Mills Business in 1951 to marking a leading position in the field of real estate today, they have come a long way. They function on the basis of six principles- integrity, agility, empathy, commitment, seamlessness, and speed.

They aim to transform your perception of the Indian Real Estate sector by delivering an exceptional experience and creating value, at every stage, for every stakeholder. And with the Birla Alokya project in Bengaluru, They want to take a step ahead in that direction.

Birla Alokya

People admire Bengaluru because of its iconic gardens peaceful lifestyle. However, in the past few years, the city has grown in every aspect, and now it’s a leading IT hub jam-packed with opportunities. And what better place to blend the old simplistic charm and hectic modern lives to create something extraordinary in this rapidly evolving world? They choose the gorgeous Whitefield in Bengaluru as a location for the Birla Alokya project.

But why, Whitefield? Whitefield is one place that is robust, vibrant, and a hotbed for the leading IT companies. It has its own unique identity and has become an extremely popular commercial township. Additionally, Whitefield provides easy access to all the transport systems like the Whitefield railway station, Kempegowda International Airport, and also road connectivity to the central city.

And the area is crammed with entertainment centers, malls, food joints, and even schools and hospitals. So the residents won’t face any difficulty in this case.

Spread over 7.9 acres of land stretch, they have taken inspiration from the lush green gardens of Bengaluru to design smart, secure homes that cater to the new-age needs of the people. Here, in Birla Alokya, they have created a fusion of elegance, magnificence, and style to help portray a modern outlook towards life.

Their Villaments in Bangalore are crafted using the most excellent building material, which gives the apartments a stunning look and also makes it long-lasting. They offer both 3-BHK and 4-BHK flats for the purpose to buy property in one of the prime locations of the city, which is an added advantage in itself.

Birla Alokya Apartment Category

OwnersTown found that the Birla Alokya has divided into five categories, and each of them has its own unique character, which will charm everyone with different tastes. 

The first is Type A- Ardra, which is for the people who love the lush green surroundings. These are spacious homes with living and dining and will overlook your very own private garden. You can have your me-time or spend some quality time with your family betwixt nature.

The second is Type-B suited for the people who crave privacy. These homes have well-defined living and personal spaces. So, it’s great for unwinding after a long, tiring and hectic day with additional privacy.

The third is Type C-Viona for the ones who love the term ‘sky-high.’ The residents of this category will have access to their own private terrace. Flaunt your personal terrace garden or enjoy stargazing with your loved ones.

Then comes Type D-Irum for the ones who are fans of spectacular gardens. The grand homes of this category are spread across two floors where the owners will have their exclusive private garden. All they can say that you’ll definitely enjoy this extraordinary experience with the double-height dining area.

And lastly, there’s Type E- Vyom for the people who want to include a dose of fresh air in their daily lives. These luxurious two-story homes will give you access to a private, posh terrace where you can enjoy a rooftop barbecue with family and friends, all while looking at the massive central greens.

Now, coming to the amenities, it has everything that you would want or need. Here are some of them-

  • Terraced garden with an amphitheater.
  • Walking track and yoga space.
  • Space to play board games likes chess and snakes & ladders.
  • Sandpit for kids and play equipment.
  • State of the art gym and swimming pool.
  • Courts for playing tennis, badminton, and squash.
  • Virtual gaming room and music room.
  • Mini theatre
  • Leisure hammock
  • Jacuzzi pool

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are tons of other facilities too. There are even a cafeteria, steam room, and 24-hour backup electricity. The 3-BHK villas take up an area of 1437-2880 square feet, and the price ranges from 1.19-1.94 crore. Each of the 4-BHK villas is spread across an area of 2572-3647 square feet, with the price ranging from 2.13 to 2.78 crore.

At Birla Alokya, they intend to bring you the combination of the simplistic charm of Bengaluru along with the latest amenities. Your home will be secure, convenient, and will have the most recent technologies paired with luxurious interiors.

With the proper inflow of air and wide-open spaces, Birla Alokya will provide you a blissful experience right from the very first moment. Other than living at the best location of the garden city, Birla Alokya is a perfect amalgamation of affordability and luxury to buy the property and find a rental property.

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