Property Management Applications have become an absolutely necessary part of Property Management Companies to make working with them easier. The role of the property management app is to help owners and property managers with managing the properties. The property management application must be designed to have strong organization skills. In short, the applications must be able to help landlords and property managers in managing, selling, and leasing the property or leaving the property for rents. On the other hand, the property management application will allow the renter to check for the properties that are appropriate for their needs and rent down the respective property.

Property Management app

What is the purpose of the Property Management Application?

If you have to install a Property Management Application, you obviously have to know its purpose at least as an audience. Why do you need a Property Management app? A Property Management Application is said to have the following functions that make it absolutely essential for you to install,

  • Evaluate property expenses and income
  • Advertise your rental properties online
  • Manage rents
  • Abide by the landlord-tenant & real estate laws
  • Mainly, maintenance of the property

If these factors didn’t help you employ a rental management application, what else will?

What are the works that a Property Management Application is in charge of?

The main idea of Property Management applications is to lessen the burden of the property managers and landlords. Now, in this case, everyone with the application will expect automation in the functions or the Property Management Application will pose no use!

The works that could be taken care of by the application are,

  • Collecting & Managing rent
  • Checking for the repair requests and timely maintenance
  • Exposure to the Landlord-tenant law
  • Keeping the responsibilities in check
  • File taxes
  • Monetary Management
  • Managing the tenants

How to manage the stress of Property Management?

As a property manager, you will have to face a unique kind of stressing out.  You will have to face both the Property Management Company and also the property owners. That makes your position especially difficult.  To reduce your stress, the property management companies are introducing property management applications now, one such application is the Ownerstown Property Management Application.

You must know where you are hanging over your properties. Ownerstown Property Management Company will always provide exclusive services to its clientele. Employing their Property Management application will expose you to the benefits the company provides.

Here, we’ll see the features, overview of the ownerstown property management application, services provided!

Application Review – OwnersTown Property Management Application:

The OwnersTown Property Management Application poses to provide a one-stop solution for property management. You know how stressful property management could get, so to reduce your stress and simplify the work, the ownerstown property management company designed this Property Management Application that suits everyone. The Ownerstown application will not only look after your properties but also do everything to take your property online and provide a path to sell them.

The application helps in providing all types of services that are required for the properties and guide you in accordance with the law. The ownerstown property management application lets you register your property with them at ease. You will be expected to provide the basic details of a property like the age, location, the rental, area of the property.

Once you enter all the details, your properties will become visible to the users. You are now a registered member of the Ownerstown Property Management Company.

Features of the Ownserstown Property Management Application:

Some of the notable features of the Ownserstown Property Management Application would be,

ownerstown features

  1. Managing the accounts
  2. Manage Documents
  3. Manage Tenants
  4. Update and complete tasks
  5. Provides Performance Reports
  6. Managing the vendors
  7. Provides a Secured dashboard (for Property Owner, Property Manager, Tenants)
  8. Reminders for rents & maintenance

1.Managing the Accounts

Managing your account with the ownerstown property management application will be a breeze to work with. A structured and easy interface allows you to manage all your transactions in a single place. The Property Management Application allows you to record, manage, and share property-related transactions online without having to do any paperwork. That’s how simple it is.

The Ownerstown property management application provides encrypted transactions and helps generate invoices in a jiff.

2. Manages Documents

The ownerstown Property Management Application helps you in managing all the property-related documents of the tenant and the owner. It’s a place where you can store and find all your documents. Also, if there comes any need to download the document, feel free to download it from the ownerstown portal. You can just drag, drop, and share your documents with anyone you would like to share.

3. Manage Tenants

Ownerstown helps in managing your tenant cycle. They will help you right from marketing your property to renting it out. Thus, this rental management application keeps your property alive.

4. Update and complete tasks

Create and assign tasks for your property from financial to maintenance, from rental to vendors. Having a streamlined task process allows you to have complete knowledge of all the work which is pending, on hold, and completed making property management easier like never before.

5.Provides Performance Reports

After running with the application for a while, you need to know how far you have made it. So, performance reports are absolutely necessary to evaluate. Performance reports provide an in-depth report of all your rental, lease, and maintenance allowing you to have a better understanding of your property and provides a game plan for what needs to be done next.

6. Managing the vendors

Just in case, if your tenant happens to experience any problem with the property, they will be allowed to raise a request. For, ex: it could be for plumbing issues, electric issues, civil, etc., That’s why this ownerstown property management application understands the problem of the tenants and collaborated with genuine and verified vendors for timely assistance.

7. Provides a Secured Dashboard

Ownerstown provides you a secured dashboard where you can see the health of the property. Having an overview of every detail at a glimpse allows you to make decisions faster and with precision. Be it transactions or managing your property, everything is completely encrypted.

OwnersTown provides dashboards for the Property owners, managers, and tenants.

8. Reminders for rents & maintenance

The application sets reminders for timely scheduled maintenance and collecting rents. Also, an automated invoicing feature has been integrated into the platform allowing rent invoices to be sent automatically within the scheduled time.

Notifications either through the application or email

Any problem with the property or any kind of updates, you will be notified with a message through the application or through email.

ownerstown mockup

Services Ownserstown Property Management Application Provides

The ownerstown property Management Application has dedicated itself to provide the following services for commercial as well as residential properties.

  1. Buy properties
  2. Sell properties
  3. Rent Properties
  4. Manage properties

You will also get a free demo where you can register your first two properties for FREE!

The ownerstown property management Company follows simple and transparent pricing! And they have easy subscription plans for property management.


This is the simple overview of the Ownerstown Property Management Application and its working. Know all the above-mentioned features and services the company provides before diving in to install the application. We hope you find this article useful.