As an investor, you must be very careful in Property Investments. Experts say there could be a 20{67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1} crash in real estate investments. The prices are likely to fall. For potential buyers and buyers who have cash security no longer have to worry about property Investments. It’s their time to buy a property. Even negotiation to a greater extent is possible.

However, the global economic condition and the pandemic situation together created uncertainty in the field of Real Estate and can negatively impact the Real Estate Industry this year. There are job losses happening around the country so it’s better to stay cautious in Property Investments.

Property Management Company should be approached before making any decision regarding the investments in the property to understand the in and outs of the property investment sector during this pandemic. If you approach a Property Management Consultant, he will observe the situation for you and on the property, you are willing to invest. This will help you make a clear decision, TO BUY or NOT.


Property Investments After Lockdown

Irrespective of the current situation, the property investors see there must be a significant change in the prices of the properties. It could be either high or less. No one can really foresee what it is really going to be like as it is already uncertain.

In a survey, they say nearly 40 {67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1} of the total potential property investors, who were searching properties for purchase before lockdown, have postponed their plan while almost 60 percent of property investors are still stubborn to invest in a property within a year.

Also, the buyers seem to show more interest in the properties that are ready to move in than an under-construction project. The investors feel that they are way safer than the projects that are under construction.

In case of so much confusion, any investor who is willing to do Property Investments posts lockdown can approach a Property Management Company even now to know the exact situation in the investing area. Why do we bring a property management company because come on, who else is closely watching the current real estate situations than property Management Companies?

Just like panic attacks, there could be panic price downfall post lockdown but however, it is gradually going to increase after the situation turns normal. Once COVID-19 is contained and the situation is returning back, we can say that the prices may go up gradually or skyrocket. We can not easily graph it since it’s still evolving.

But as already said, the fully completed and ready to move in projects may move quicker than the projects that are under construction. To make sure that the sentiment of the buyer remains positive, there will be a need for a little more positive approach to lifting the selling numbers in the market.

A property Investor can always approach a Property Management Consultant for guidance. They know where to invest and at what time. Since the lockdown is extended until the 17th of May, losses seem to increase. You still need to know that real estate and property investments are not going to crash, it just takes some time to overcome the loss, right after the lockdown, Property Investments may gradually pick up.

What You Must Consider About Property Investments Post


  1. Supply & Labour Issues
  2. Demand Issues

These are two types of issues we need to combat and look for before investing in a property post lockdown. Let’s see how it takes a toll on property investments!

1. Supply & Labour Issues

Supply issues for Construction Materials are there even during this pandemic lockdown. So after lifting the lockdown, the supply of the goods will be there but not to a greater extent. There could be slash in the prices of the building materials but you cannot compromise the cost of the project. It is going to remain the same. Also, there is a labour shortage, you cannot just call the workers back from their hometowns without work. Some companies have given both food and shelter to their workers stranded in the sites.

This pandemic lockdown has created a huge burden on these labourers. Several daily wagers are stranded in distant states and are not able to return home. Real estate experts foresee a situation where once the lockdown is lifted the labourers will be rushing home escalating a shortage of labour. This will drag projects and take a lot more time to complete them.

supply and labour


2. Demand Issues

These industries will witness high unemployment initially, but it will gradually be back to how it was before. There are going to be so many employment opportunities for daily wagers in the construction industry, as we foresee the labourers from distant places may rush back to their hometowns causing a need for alternate labourers. It will also take a toll on the economy, and promote the unemployment of the youngsters. We cannot even imagine the situation of how so many students who must have been graduates will have to stay on for another year of study!

The impact on prices of the property will be intensified gradually. Investors will have to face increasing arrears in returns, lower yields, and decreased buyers if you are trying to sell the property.

So it is always said that it is cheaper to invest than to rent and that that will be understood when the prices start to spike.

These issues can be handled easily if you hire a Property Management Company or a Property Management Consultant in Bangalore.

But, we also need to understand the fact that some of the property developers are not even interested in cutting prices despite the loss.

Another factor you must keep in mind is that the extended lockdown may result in the value of a property to fall, which in turn might result in increased competition for the property. When it comes to the lower prices, it will fall into the price range of more buyers, and this may delay or completely make you lose the chances of buying the property. This will lead to increased affordability for almost all the people since the price range is falling.


These are the things that you should know before investing in a property after lockdown or simply approach ownerstown property management company in Bangalore, they are the best in the business. A property management company will reduce almost all the confusion that you are carrying on your shoulders.

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