How NRI can find and buy property in India

NRIs face multitudes of problems before going to buy a property and its management. Real-estate companies have many reputed names that are brands themselves. So, they hold property exhibitions in which developers also participate. The NRIs can contact them and take out all the necessary information about the property.

Housing or property investment gives rise to multitudes of questions in the buyer’s mind. “Where, when, how and from whom to consult?” are the queries that jam the mind. And if anyhow property is purchased, the worries for property management do not let the owner take a sigh of relief. If you are a migrant, who live offshore/ overseas, then tensions will surely mount.

I have shortlisted the worries of NRIs relating to buying a property in India and tried to provide some vital solutions that can prove worthy to them:

Problem 1: Non-residents’ mind is often surrounded by the question of finding a concrete platform to buy a property in India. Is there any such platform?

Solution: Real-estate companies and developers arrange exhibitions for giving demos of properties’ structure. These exhibitions have started reaching the local community of NRIs and have become time tested mediums. The real-estate companies come with schemes and offer to attract Indian diaspora abroad. For attending hundreds of eyeballs quickly, they deploy audio-video presentation of the property plans. These mediums engage them and forecast the upcoming projects. They help them to get rid of the real estate marketing clutter and persuade them for the conversion of the sales deal.

Problem 2: NRIs’ stint abroad is longer than that of staying in India. The intricacies of work keep them busy and hence, erode their relations with the root. So, how can they access the authentic property sellers?

Solution: Today’s technology is far better than the bygone technologies. It is quicker and gifts immediate access to any connection and information. So, calling it the best mode to provide NRI property solutions is absolutely fine. Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and so on, keep them connected to families and friends. Hence, maintaining distant relationships is no more a complicated job. Emotional connectivity gets charged always through them. Moral support is transferred from here to there. Ongoing financial security and growth in India have made it possible to make them the real-time investors in NRI property.

Problem 3: How can NRIs decide where to move at the point when they will think of retirement? Despite having internet facilities, they are scared of getting infected by the contaminated internet which has lots of coaxing advertising as marketing tools. How is it possible to rely on it?

Solution: Online portals, technology, improvised infrastructure, and better communication networks have penetrated easiness and convenience for multitudes of NRIs. Addressing & catering to housing needs at the very town or city where the NRI wants to settle down after retirement, the internet is the best platform. But hundreds of ads confuse them. The developers, who have been tied up with the real estate market place, making it simpler to attend them at the real-estate exhibitions. Serious trade can occur at the exhibition hall where options are framed in the brochures to demonstrate the property for NRIs with proper guidance and loan assistance.

Problem 4: Is it fruitful to attend an exhibition of NRI property and management to invest?

Solution: These exhibitions of properties carry a consultative approach. If any puzzle is infecting the NRI’s mind, like how to combat with legalities in property purchase, from where to do documentation work and who can take responsibility of completing pan property purchase procedure, visiting the property exhibition can pay off in full. There, developers and the owners of the property mark their presence in person.

Direct communication with them helps in decision making. Migrants can cross-check and come across the true face of the housing projects or property by accessing family members or friends in India. Alternatively, they can inquire through a mobile phone or internet technology. Property exhibitions are to catalyze and encourage impulse buying. So, the developers come with full preparations and authentic proofs to provide information to buy property, its seller, home loan, and its documentation work.

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