Manage Property in India as an NRI

Owning a property has always been, and still is, a profitable investment. But, just like your stocks, your estate needs constant attention and maintenance. As a property investor, I’m sure you’re already aware of the troubles that are associated with property management. Plumbing problems, leaky ceilings, chipping paint, rent delay, taxes and the list goes on. If property management was simple, then you would currently be watching a movie rather than reading this article. So, how to manage your property? Simply hire a company to manage property like us. But before you contact us, take a step back to ask yourself if you need a professional property management company. How do you find out? Simple, see if you belong to any of these:

  1. Staying quite far

If you’re an NRI and you don’t have anyone in India to manage on your property. The distance implies property maintenance does not happen as often and efficiently as needed. As the owner, take a step and hire a professional property management company.

  1. No Time! Too Busy!

With a lot of work, family and all the other things, managing your property can take a back seat. You might not have time to manage your rental property or deal with the delay in payment. The best thing here again is to hire a professional property management company like us who could help you in rental management.

  1. Multiple Property

Multiple Property comes with Multiple Problems. It is hard to maintain all your properties as an NRI. We have a team of experts who can easily manage property for your help.

  1. Less experience in property management

Property management sometimes involves a lot of things like

  • Common property related issues and their fixes.
  • Right contacts to get fixes implemented
  • Understanding of property law
  • Knowing property rules and regulations
  • Environment and weather impact on your property
  • It is sometimes best to let professionals like us handle your property.
  1. Vacancy

As an NRI with property in India, it is a smart idea to rent it out but how? With a rent management company like us, you can rent easy and earn easy.

  1. Law

Living far from home has its downside, like knowing the current law and taxes. We are here to help! So are you ready to hire us? Contact OwnersTown now