Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are provided by SEBI Registered Fund Managers to deploy the investments pooled. Stocks, bonds, and other structured products can be used to diversify a portfolio. This service may be constructed and modified to achieve specific investment objectives based on the risks, rewards, and investor goals indicated in the Investment Policy Statement.

PMS provides personalized stock alternatives; however, to use this service, a client must have a considerable quantity of money to invest. Investors can boost their profits by investing in firms with the help of a portfolio manager. Investors are provided with experts who keep up with the current market economy and plan future strategies accordingly. They can better assist you in making important investment decisions. When investing money, they keep the investor’s risk appetite in mind.


Portfolio Management Services

As a platform for connecting with such experts, OwnersTown is a good option for investors looking for such investment avenues. The online portal connects investors with SEBI-registered fund managers and facilitates the acquisition of tailored financial services.

Before investing in any financial product, however, every investor should weigh the major benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Enrichment

While a large sum of money can surely aid investments, a lack of market expertise might have a detrimental impact on investment quality.
Individual investors, for example, have fewer holdings and invest in low-quality companies as a result of their price-adjusted behavior, as seen by the Nifty index. It is therefore imperative to rely on professional portfolio management experts like OwnersTown.

Maximum Returns On Investment

When investors invest in Portfolio Management Services, SEBI-registered analysts are available. A professional keeps a careful eye on an investor’s portfolio, does thorough market research, keeps track of their profile, and only invests when the market conditions are favorable. Only a well-informed decision can ensure success, therefore investing with skilled portfolio managers ensures exceptional returns.

An independent portfolio

Unlike mutual funds, PMS investments are neither influenced or governed by thousands of investors. The investor is in command of the purchasing and selling decisions, as well as their timing, with this type of PMS (depending on the type of PMS selected).

Protected by Financial Risk Management Plan

In bearish market situations, PMS investment comes with a robust financial risk management plan to manage the risks and increase returns. In such an investment plan, diversification, market rates, inflation, and other factors are accounted for.

Fee structure that is transparent

Investors have access to a detailed accounting of charges/expenses related to PMS investments in a transparent manner (legally agreed fee structure). A performance-based fee structure and ticket size can also tailor the expense ratio.

Transparent management of data

Investors can get precise information about their portfolios and trading from the comfort of their own homes. As a result, this investment provides the maximum level of portfolio transparency.

The multiple advantages of portfolio management services have provided investors with a clear picture of who and how they can invest in PMS.

Who Should Invest In Portfolio Management Services?

Our portfolio management services cater to a wide range of investors, including:

  • Individuals with high net worth
  • Non-individuals (HUFs, Partnerships Firms, Institutional Entities, Sole Proprietorship Firms, family businesses)

How Can Investors Invest In Portfolio Management Services?

In order to invest in PMS, investors need a minimum capital of Rs. 50 lakhs (as per the new SEBI regulation).

These funds can be invested in two ways as described below:

Mode 1 : An investor can invest through a cheque in a PMS account.

Mode 2 : The investor can transfer their existing stocks into their PMS account directly. Note that the contribution must exceed the minimum investment threshold to qualify for a PMS account.

First, investors need to select a portfolio manager. In this regard, they can take advantage of platforms such as OwnersTown, which features a range of SEBI-registered PMS providers, in addition to bonds and digital gold.

In Conclusion

A PMS portfolio helps generate ideal returns as it enables a customised portfolio to be assembled. The money or stocks invested with professional financial advisors can be trusted since they are closely monitored by expert managers and highly guided. Besides diversifying and tailoring their portfolios, investors can benefit from transparent fee and data management, high-end risk management plans, and independent portfolios.

OwnersTown – Your new platform for investment

With OwnersTown, investors have a new investment and financing avenue. From registration to investment and repayment, you can manage and monitor all investment aspects on the app. Users can easily transact, download, and analyze detailed account statements on our website, among many other functions. The investment process with OwnersTown is made extremely easy for all our investors.

When you join our platform, your dedicated Relationship Manager will handle all your investment needs throughout the entire process. An all-in-one dashboard is provided where they can view your investment and repayment status in real-time.

Any further clarification or assistance can be obtained by reaching out to us at any time. We are always available to assist and make your investment journey as smooth as possible. Check out more investment opportunities by visiting our website or downloading the app. Invest in success!