Quarantine, lockdown, stay-at-home, and social distancing have become synonymous with our everyday lives because of the notorious Covid-19 that is spreading into the world like wildfire. Social distancing has become a major desperate measure during this desperate time. More and more awareness is being raised on how staying-at-home can curb down Coronavirus.

It is without a doubt that the economy has taken a huge toll amidst the lockdown. The government has stated that turning to technology is the best way to conduct business operations from home so that social distancing can be maintained effectively. While pondering on the different markets being affected in this pandemic, real estate is one such arena that has taken a massive blow.

Landlords and tenants alike are trying to make amends as much as possible since the main goal is to overcome the virus together. With this regard, property owners and renters can make the best of social distancing with Owners Town. Through our state-of-the-art online services, we make sure that tenants and landlords are comfortable and hassle-free in this lockdown.

So below is a detailed nitty-gritty on how Owners Town can help property owners and renters in this unfortunate epidemic.

Social Distancing with Ownerstown

This is how property owners can be a pro at social distancing with Owners Town

1.Online Communication

To maintain social distancing, online communication is the best way in this present situation. With our property management solution app, you can communicate with your tenant effectively once you have the tenants on board.

With our in-app messaging feature, you can respond to the renters anytime with the OwnersTown dashboard. You can be free from the hassle of a phone call or text messages where you can manage more than one tenant with ease. The renters can also easily express their issues and concern amidst the lockdown with the in-app messaging feature. After all, it is all about being there for each other yet apart in this pandemic.

Features of tenant communication app

  • Notifications: With the property specific notifications, easy communications can be done where the owner and the renter can share information and news without any delays. Our platform provides in-app notification and system and user-generated messages so the communication is streamlined.


  • Email: With regards to any tenant updates or email/phone verification, both tenants and owners will receive notifications simultaneously.

2. Catching up on document work

Pre-lockdown, you, as a property owner might have had more on your plate or you must have been wearing a lot of hats to not catch up on your property document work. But these stay-at-home days are perfect to pull up your socks and get on the piled up work. With the Owners Town application, you can sort all your documents in one place. You can have easy access to all your paperwork and take a quick preview where you will not have to open up each and every document. And without outgoing anywhere you can easily share your tenant-specific document in a click.

Features of our document management portal include:

  • Drag and Drop: With our application, uploading documents has never been easier where it can be done in just 2 simple steps. All you have to do is drag and drop documents and name them
  • Quick and easy sharing: With our portal, sharing can be done in a jiffy. You can download the document from anyplace since you have the amenity of property-wise access. Through the Owners Town portal, sharing of the document becomes convenient.

Document Management

  • Security: Property documents are important where their security is a major concern. With the help of our secure cloud repository, property owners can not only upload but also manage and share documents online in a safe and secure way. You will have full access to your documents where it is protected through encryption and the documents will not be shared without the owner’s permission.

3. Helping you prepare for the future

A lot of notions are being conveyed by the real-estate experts about the market and how the economy will be affected post-lockdown. Many people have opined that India might see a similar trend like China where the residential sector might take priority since office and retail projects might take some time to emerge from the stand-still. Having said all this, it is always better to prepare rather than regretting in the future. Property owners can be better at social distancing with Owners Town because through our advanced reporting feature, you can use the best of analytics to gain insight into the present situation and have an idea of the probability of the future.

The features of our custom advanced reports include:

  • Rent reports: With the rent report feature, monthly comparisons can be made about your property or tenant where you can know which of your property has performed well and which has not. With this insight, you can prepare yourself post-lockdown.
  • Keeping a tab on expenses: With the help of the maintenance report, you can know your maintenance expenses on any desired period so that you can manage your monetary expenses accordingly. Since everyone is trying to put as much halt as possible on their expenses, this specific feature can avail a lot of property owners effectively.
  • Detailed analysis: In order to gain a vehement insight on tenant overturn or expenses, you can create an advanced report by providing adequate information. All it takes is just two steps, i.e. selecting a basic detail for the report and then running a report. You can have the analytics at hand and prepare yourself for the future vehemently.

This is indeed a difficult time for everyone but by using the time productively, property owners can be a smart owner while maintaining effective social distancing with Owners Town.