Since the start of the pandemic, everyone has had diverse reactions to staying at home and living their whole routine under one roof. Most people were quite happy and comfortable at first, but then the situation got dire and the whole idea of work from home came up. People living in metropolitan cities notably found themselves struggling with the amount of space they had to live in.

Due to the hustle-bustle of the city, it becomes extremely detrimental to our mental health. All of these feelings build up over time. It becomes essential to take a break from all the chaos, and managed farmlands are the go-to for this.

Due to this stirring of emotions, people have lately started to invest in Managed Farmlands. These farmlands have been exhibiting significant potential in recent years.

Wondering what Managed Farmlands is all about?

Managed Farmlands are vast lands that are invested in, via companies like OwnersTown, and are managed by an experienced and trained agency. These professionals manage the farmland to reduce the risk factors and supply with high returns.

Why Invest in The Agricultural Sector

Why invest in the Agricultural Sector?

In today’s era, the agriculture sector is highly underrated due to a lack of knowledge in the market

  1. If you are looking for long-term investment; you can go for Sandalwood cultivation which provides the highest return when harvested.
  2. If you are looking for something short-term; you can invest in farming with a tenure of 1-2 Years and earn high tax-free returns.
  3. These investments build a strong portfolio and create a stream of good passive income.

Managed Farmlands provide extra benefits: in addition to cultivating Sandalwood, you can build a farmhouse that can be used as a vacation whenever you need it. There are also common guest houses available for investors to access

How does this process exactly work?

Managed by Professionals

  • Skilled professionals manage the farms purchased and produce crops on the same. The yield is sold in the market for revenue. The Company takes a small fee from the same as a management fee and the investor gets the remaining amount. A managed farmland has different asset classes, including coffee & tea estates, teakwood & sandalwood forestation, animal husbandry, mixed farming, and others.
  • Investing in managed farmland is a way for people to invest in a plot of land and watch their resources develop without monitoring them directly. The value of the land will certainly increase.

Benefits of Investing in Managed Farmlands

  • A landholder benefits not only from its consistently rising value through appreciation but also from the income provided by its lumber.
  • In addition to the revenue generated, a green cover that continues to renew itself adds to the climate liberally. Due to the pandemic, people are increasingly focusing on their health rather than anything else, and a tremendous area of plant life may provide the solution to the current crisis.

Environmental benefits

Because managed farmland is rooted in agroforestry principles, it has many benefits.

  • There is an increase in biodiversity and improvement in soil health.
  • The sustainability of agricultural practices reduces greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
  • The production of a wide variety of species can be achieved through mixed farming.
  • The managed farmlands provide us with environmental protection and can also be used as scenic getaways. It is calming and relaxing to be in the midst of nature, away from city life.

Investing in Managed Farmlands with OwnersTown

When it comes to investing in agriculture, there is not a lot of knowledge available in the market. This is where OwnersTown comes in; with in-depth knowledge of the market, we only bring forth opportunities that are best suited for you. The listed Farmlands on our app are scientifically designed with soil tests, sapling, and creed selection which assures excellent growth and maximum financial gains.

To know more about how you can multiply your capital, set up a call today with our skilled and learned professionals. To understand which investment will suit you the best and to further learn more on how to invest in these farmlands and the extra benefits one can get in touch with OwnersTown at