The worst time for all of us. Mainly to the renters out there who are struggling to bring food on their plate amidst the pandemic.

If you are a renter and you still think you can pay the rent and the income is normal as ever, you should pay the rent. But these unprecedented situations have affected the relationships too. Be it internal or social. Because the problem here is money! It will just get ugly and ugly if the conflict keeps on happening.

Tenant landlord

The best suggestion would be to take advice from a Property Management Company over the issue you are facing if you are a Landlord. Since landlords play the most part, it will be great if they get to know what is actually happening around them and what the Professional Consultants suggest.

What do you think, To pay rent or not?

If you are subjected to pay rent, then you should. You can request your landlord for a concession or reduction in the rent amount or wavering it until the situation gets back to normal.

But, it’s completely the decision of the landlord and you can’t do anything about it. And still, the landlords are surprisingly supportive for many renters, however, there is an exception.  Certain landlords can’t just be cool about it, there will be the problem of liquidity. So, if you could, please just pay the rent off. The landlords are equally damaged in a situation like this.

Having a Property Management Company or Consultancy can be very helpful in this situation. You can stay rest assured and they will take care of it.

To be on point, this pandemic situation is beyond anyone’s control, and the lockdown rules and the orders just add the pain. Facing reality, this is the time the banks have given us extra time to pay off the debts but the interest they impose on you is the ultimate use of the untimely pandemic.

Don’t you think this calls for someone who’s actually better at managing the property and can give us guidance? To put it straight, the Property Management Consultants are a straight away rescuer for you from all your property-related issues.

So, the bottom line is, if you could just afford to pay the rent, please pay them off! It later will add a burden to you!

Property Management

Here are the things that a Landlord can do to ease the pain of a renter,

  1. Reduction in the rent.
  2. Wavering off the rents for a while
  3. Be there for each other
  4. Make sure to help a renter and don’t evict one because of the situation that is caused by the pandemic
  5. Relax the lease

I’m again stressing it out, while the landlords take risks to do all of these things for you, the renter, you should help them out too. You can pay the rent in divided amounts or be supportive otherwise. We can tell you some ways to handle landlord-tenant conflict during the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, the government and the other media houses are concentrating on the problems faced by the tenants and the landlord’s problems are just pushed aside.

Truth be told, the landlords are not just taken into consideration. So landlords are left with no option than to get adjusted to the situation whatever it is.

The tenant is also not at fault, after all.

A Property Management Company in Bangalore could deal with this problem, if and only if, the property of the landlord is under their maintenance. So, if you don’t have one, then it’s the right time to approach them.

The tenants will have a problem in the flow of the cash and rent becomes harder to pay so you may just have a word with the tenant as a landlord so that you can sort it out and not have a conflict. Unpopular opinion, you can make use of the property Management Applications designed by the Property Management Companies to help you.

Top 5 ways to handle landlord Tenant conflict during Coronavirus outbreak


Landlords who will be able to afford a total or partial wavering of rent may want to consider offering such steps since you can modify some things from the existing lease agreement.

Some modifications to handle the conflict between the landlord and the tenant may include,

  1. Extension of the terms
  2. Loosening some agreements from the lease
  3. Reduction in the rent
  4. Bring in a Property Management Company
  5. Be a good negotiator

Let’s see how these modifications work and refrain problems from happening between the landlord and the tenant.

1.Extension of the terms

The best and the easiest way to contain the conflict from happening is that you can just extend the terms in the rental agreement. This could be a little difficult. But you have no other go. You must go past this situation without getting crushed. A Property Management Consultant will tell you how to do it without losing control over your property.

2. Loosening some agreements from the lease

You can go on to free some agreements from the lease since everyone is facing a difficult time.

3. Reduction in the rent

How about reducing some amount from the rent and just get off with the situation? Because the ultimate problem of a renter is to find funds for the rent during this pandemic. So if you could just consider it and reduce some, half of the problems would be gone. You may get a piece of productive advice on this issue from a Property Management Consultant about the percentage of the rent you can reduce. The Property Management Consultant being a professional can help you check the background of the tenant and suggest to you the percentage of waiver you can push on rent.

4. Bring in a Property Management Company

This is the best time to bring in a Property Management Company so that they can take charge of the properties. When they take charge of your properties, all the decisions and regulations regarding the property will reach the renter through the Property Management Company, themselves and it’s by far the best method to escape from the conflict with your tenant.

5. Be a good negotiator

If your tenant wants to start the negotiation about the rent, be considerate. You should be a good negotiator also the condition outside is worse, you can’t evict your tenant as well. So, try to get the best deal. Or leave it to the Property Management Consultant, your work here is done!


These are some of the most effective ways to handle the landlord and tenant problems during this lockdown. Make sure to apply all of these. At least one or two of this so that you don’t have to involve yourself in a conflict. The best way is to make way for a Property Management Company to do its job. We hope you find this blog helpful.