How women are changing the face of real estate industry?

2020 is the year of women where the matriarchs are breaking all leaps and bounds in every sector. The real estate industry is also one such. Women have not only become stead-fast as a consumer group but they are also aiming towards passive and active investment choices. They are taking hold of their financial future in a better way. 

It has been noted that women are more vigilant when it comes to investment where they incline more towards research by taking advice from professionals and they opt for those properties that have lesser risk yet nominal returns. They aim at long-term investments rather than short-term because they focus on life-priorities rather than getting better out of the market. 

The Indian government has also put forth many incentives like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), preferential home loan schemes, secure co-borrowing facilities, and much more, which has been introduced to motivate first-time investors and mainly women so that they can enter the investment market easily. 

All-in-all, women make better choices at real estate investment because:

  • They are conventional 

Being conventional has its pros because women, as a conservative investor will stick to the traditional assets that give minimum ROI (return on investment) where this process can strengthen her investment. Women will not be inclined towards new investment trends like Bitcoins, and if this process is properly structured, the conventional investment strategy can definitely work in her favor. 

  • They are better at building relations 

Women are more likely to build better trustworthy relations with their advisors. Hence, they will not tend to seek the help of new advisors who tend to flash out new investment trends. They stick to one rather than multiple advisors that will help them make better investment decisions.  It is only on rare occasions and that too for a very good reason that women will move their money to a new advisor. 

multitasking woman in real estate

  • They focus on the bigger picture 

Men dive into an investment with a single goal of increasing their monetary gains, whereas women aim to be more rational when it comes to their intentions of investing. Women think of future goals when they want a return on investment and it is for this reason that their assets are more structured. Since women are more calculative with their investment, they invest by focusing on the bigger picture. 

  • They are better researchers 

Men often get pulled into new investment schemes without doing their research whereas women rarely tend to focus on the new arena when it comes to investing. Women tend to do a lot of research before getting their hands on something which further saves them from failed investments. They are more perceptive and tend to draw better conclusions when it comes to dealing with a new investment. 

  • They always seek assistance 

Since women are better at doing their research, they seek guidance from the experts which can be beneficial in the long run. It is better to ask for advice than making rash and regretful decisions. 

Apart from investment, when it comes to real estate work-force, a lot of women are stepping up into the world of business and are taking up real estate as their full-time profession where they are changing the world of real estate industry by working as independent agents.

Although the real-estate arena was known to be a man’s world, an amass of gender diversity is seen in commercial real estate where women are bringing more on the table when it comes to being better listeners, collaborators, multitasking, assertiveness, empathetic, insightful and also being versatile interpreters. 

It has been estimated that over 30{67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1} of women have partaken in the property discussions in families and 56{67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1} work as licensed brokers, 63{67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1} work as sales agents, and 69{67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1} work as a part-time sales agent in the real estate industry. 

Although it is not a cakewalk for women in the real estate arena, there are a lot of possibilities for both genders now. A career in real estate for women is not only challenging but also rewarding. Many real estate firms are placing women in the leadership role because of their unique skills, life experienced, and much more which will help the firms gain better results and also an increase in goodwill. 

The millennial women are also emerging as home buyers where there are a lot of benefits offered to women in India like:

  • Deduction in tax: If the property is known to be self-occupied one, women are availed with the tax deduction of 1.5 lakh and if it is a co-owned property, the husband and wife will gain the income tax deductions. Moreover, if a home is rented out, the interest on the home loan can be taken up as a deduction against the net rental value, which is in totality. 
  • Less stamp duty charges: Women have the benefit of paying lower stamp duty charges than men. It is known to be 1 to 2 {67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1} less than what men usually pay. However, it should be noted that this can differ from one state to another. Savings can also be increased further if the property is registered in the name of the woman since stamp duty is much less. 
  • Less interest on the housing loan: Women who want to opt for house loans can avail 0.05 reductions on the interest rates. There are many banks like HDFC, SBI, ICICI, and many more which provide discounts on the home loan interest rates to women. This can differ from one bank to another where the discount rate can hike up to 1{67ce74ea29cb3842281e10a17b6bc9b0a76f5186003460eea2ff96ae3842e2c1}. 


OwnersTown is an impeccable property solution provider where we provide many property management services to empowering women like advertising the rentals, managing the tenants, scheduling and conducting of service checks, and seeing over the maintenance issues. We also help the matriarch property investors with the management of important documents and management of service vendors, buying and selling property, and much more. 

All-in-all, women’s role in real estate is mushrooming vehemently since the sector is being diverse with the leadership roles and in turn, this movement is motivating the younger and ambitious women.

So this Women’s Day let’s give three cheers to the fierce and ever-growing power of womanhood.